Individual Tax Problems

Consumer Tax Problems

For individuals and consumers in New York who owe personal income taxes or have trust fund tax issues such as payroll or sales tax debt, we offer the following services:

  • Chapter 7 discharges in New York for income taxes that are old and timely filed.
  • Chapter 13 plans in New York for income taxes that are old and also to restructure recent debt over a court enforced payment plan.
  • Tax Adversary litigation if the tax debt is too large for a normal discharge or if the taxing authority believes that the taxpayers had an intent to evade or defeat the taxes.
  • Chapter 11 plans in New York for large tax debt where the taxpayer has too many assets for chapter 7 or does not want to go through the adversary process.
  • IRS Offers in Compromise in New York to settle tax debt where the taxpayer meets the IRS’s various tests.
  • IRS installment agreements in NY for extended payment terms.
  • NYS installment agreements for extended payment terms.
  • IRS tax due diligence in New York to test discharge rules and to also determine the current amounts due and the penalties and interest to date.
  • Wage garnishment removal and levy removal in New York.
  • Tax research for proposed transactions.
  • Like kind exchange planning and closing in New York.
  • Tax Court filings in New York.

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