Installment Agreements

Installment Agreements

We successfully complete installment agreements with both the IRS and NYS. These agreements are useful when the taxpayer does not qualify for an offer in compromise or bankruptcy or does not want to go through the process since a lot of information is required.

These agreements are usually 3 years but can exceed these in cases where the debt is substantial and the extenuating circumstances are compelling. We have had IRS installment plans successfully completed for over a 10 year repayment plan when our client needed the same.

The amount of documentation needed varies with the amount of tax debt and also the amount of years requested in the agreement.

These agreements are a good idea when the taxpayer wants to avoid levies of bank accounts and garnishments of wages.

We offer the following services:

  • IRS installment agreements in New York for individuals.
  • New York State installment agreements for individuals.
  • Corporate installment agreements in NY.

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