Tax Court Cases

Tax Court Litigation

We file and litigate Tax Court cases in New York. Tax Court filings are needed if the IRS is proposing the assess taxes after the completion of an audit. Taxpayers are provided with a 90-day notice and if a Tax Court Petition is filed within that time, then the IRS cannot assess the taxes until the conclusion of the case and cannot collect until the conclusion of the case.

These petitions should only be filed when the tax controversy is large and also where the taxpayer believes that he or she has documentary evidence to prove that the IRS is wrong in calculating the tax due or has misapplied the law.

Given that our firm has New York Tax Attorneys and one of members is also a CPA with a Masters in Tax Law, we successfully research and litigate most cases until conclusion. We also work with your existing accountants to prepare the evidence for the case.

We offer the following Tax Court services:

  • Tax Court filings in New York.
  • Tax Court litigation in NYC and Long Island, NY.
  • Of counsel representation to existing Tax Court cases in NY where detailed research and litigation is needed.
  • Recommendation as to whether a Tax Court Petition should be filed or whether the taxpayer should explore alternatives.

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